Process of IVF Treatment Step by Step

The full form is IVF is (In Vitro Fertilization). IVF is a process in which we extract eggs from a woman, fertilize them in a dish with sperm, and then return one or more embryos back into a woman’s uterus in the hopes of achieving a pregnancy. This process is known as an IVF cycle. Sounds straightforward, right?

It is the process of performing the fertilization where the egg (ovum) from Female is combined with the sperm from Male outside the body of a living organism basically in a test tube or a Petri dish.

The Latin word “in vitro” refers to “in a glass or culture medium”.

In this process,

  1. ovulation (or egg production) is stimulated in Female through medications. Usually, this stimulation often results in the production of multiple eggs or ova as most of the eggs will not be properly fertilized in this process.
  1. The multiple eggs will be extracted from Female using the small surgical procedure.
  1. The sperm sample will be collected from Male.
  1. The next step The is Insemination which is the process of mixing sperm and eggs in a culture medium to encourage fertilization. Advances in technology now allow injecting a single sperm directly into an ovum or an egg.
  1. The eggs will be monitored for fertilization and cell division.T he fertilized eggs are called embryos (In most cases embryos will be transferred to the uterus of the female during the 8-cell stage.)
  1. Once implanted in the uterus, the embryo will be monitored for growth.

Basically, IVF is used to treat infertility due to various reasons like decreased sperm count, block in fallopian tubes, ovulation disorders, etc.

NOTE:- The IVF procedure is not painful, but certain aspects of it can be uncomfortable and cramping is a side effect of the medications, retrieval, and transfer.

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