Obstetrics manages the care of the pregnant ladies, the unborn infant, labor and delivery andpost delivery period where patient needs guidance of specialist. The obstetrician take care of new mother and makes sure she get the best prenatal care to ensure that delivery is
successfully done avoiding any future complications, that too with proper medications it is done rapidly and securely.

Obstetrics particularly manages the well being of the pregnant lady and her newly born baby. While her pregnancy various complications can occur, for example, ectopic pregnancy, which is where the fetus is in a fallopian tube, fetal trouble caused by compression, resulting into high blood pressure which can be a sign of a critical disease called pre-eclampsia.

A special training is provided to obstetrician for this and numerous different difficulties of childbirth and ensures that both mother and baby are securely guided through the majority of the periods of pregnancy and childbirth. Regardless of whether the baby is delivered vaginally or through caesarian area an obstetrician is prepared to deal with any change that is introduced amid the regular, however now and then complex procedure of labor.

Post delivery an obstetrician make sure that both mother and newborn are taking proper routine diet and are out of any complications which would have been taken place if they would have not consulted to an obstetrician. Unfortunately many people with lack of knowledge are still facing problems regarding pregnancy and post delivery as are unaware about taking the guidance of specialists. An obstetrician has positively changed the old myths and daily food intake routine and other living habits of mother and baby.